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About Us

141 Group is a holding company founded in 2006 by three co-managing partners, all veterans of the Israeli Air Force. The group demonstrates consistent and solid growth since its inception. The group current activities are carried out through three divisions and 7 subsidiaries. This structure is the platform for execution of our strategy to partner with powerful individuals and organizations in the Group diverse business initiatives.
The three divisions are:
  • Real Estate
  • Life Style
  • Innovation

The divisions have gained the critical mass needed to become key players in their respective markets.
Though each division is managed as a separate entity, they often leverage on the synergy between real estate, life style and innovation.
While careful and steady growth is the Group's main goal, its implementation is achieved by strict adherence to three principles:

  • Excellence in every aspect of our business.
  • Absolute professionalism.
  • Irrefutable reliability.

These three principles mandate long term vision, careful planning and strict control of each project.
We pride in delivering on our promises!

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